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Easy access for coaches

Ulm/Neu-Ulm is easy to reach by road. The Danube twin-towns are easily accessible from the A8 (Stuttgart–Munich) and A7 (Würzburg–Füssen) motorways.

By coach

There are several coach parking facilities available in Ulm/Neu-Ulm. You can find 11 parking spaces in the city centre of Ulm (Glöcklerstraße/Neue Straße, 89073 Ulm), 30 spaces are available at the Donauhalle (Böfinger Straße 50, 89073 Ulm) and 4 spaces in the city centre of Neu-Ulm (Silcherstraße 40, 89231 Neu-Ulm).

During the christmas markets you can drop your guests in the city centre at the coach parkign facility (Glöcklerstraße/Neue Straße, 89073 Ulm). Right after you can park your bus at the parking faciliy at the Donauhalle (Böfinger Straße 50, 89073 Ulm).

If there is ever something going wrong with your bus trip, the EvoBus Service is availabe 24/7 (Phone: +49 731 1818816).

Please note: for driving into the city centre of Ulm you need a green environmental sticker, in Neu-Ulm you need either a yellow or green one.

By train

As a large city, Ulm is conveniently linked to the rail network. Whether you arrive by ICE, IC/EC or local train, travelling to the Danube twin-cities is always easy.

Many regional trains also stop here, giving you direct access from Lake Constance, the Allgäu, the Swabian Alb or from Bavarian Swabia to the main station in Ulm or to the new station in Neu-Ulm.