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The Archive has chosen the title ›Ulm School of Design from the Zero Hour to 1968‹ to present a permanent exhibition on the history of the famous academy.

During 1953 and 1968 the Ulm School of Design became one of the world's most influential academies for designers. This is where iconic designs were born, such as the ›Ulm Stool‹, the ›Stacked Tableware TC 100‹ and the Braun company's record player ›SK 4‹, better known as ›Snow White's coffin‹. The ›ulmer modell‹ developed at the Ulm School of Design is a concept based on science and technology, setting a benchmark standard that is still recognised today.

More than 200 exhibits and numerous photographs taken from the huge archive of the Ulm School of Design are displayed on an area of about 275 sqm. The appealing combination of a dense collection housed in a historic university building offers a unique way to experience the history of the Ulm Design School.


Am Hochsträß 8
89081 Ulm
Phone +49 731 161 4370

Opening hours

Tue—Sun: 11 am—5 pm


Adults 5.00 EUR
Reductions 4.00 EUR
Groups 4.00 EUR
free of charge

Groups 4 EUR p.P. (for special exhibitions)
Free admission every first Friday of the month

Private tours (max. 25 persons)
Reservation Tel. +49 731 161 4307
in german and english


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